A new take on an old tradition

It’s the classic food that somehow tastes like home. It makes us feel, well, comforted. But at a time of loss or sorrow, it’s so much more. After someone passes or faces hardship, the family doesn’t always have time to plan meals or run to the grocery store. On top of that, they may have a house filled with out-of-town guests and extra mouths to feed. A meal from Sympathy Food takes one major task off of their plate, while adding back a delicious meal.

For the same price as a flower arrangement, you can send a sympathy gift your recipient will appreciate. Meals arrive in 1-3 business days, depending on where it is being shipped. Please visit our Shipping and Delivery page for more information. That doesn’t mean the family has to wait to know you’re thinking of them. As soon as you order, a Sympathy Food representative will call your recipient and set up a day for delivery if you have not chosen a delivery date in the checkout. You can even leave a personalized message we’ll include with your meal. When the food arrives, it can be ready to eat in minutes, or they can pop it in the freezer to enjoy later.